Wild laughter, drinks in hand, remnants of a fulfilling meal. A warm hug collapsing months of not seeing one another. The catch in your breath as you realize this is all actually happening. The aroma of fresh blooms and the kiss of fabric as you put on your wedding attire. I live for these moments, both those grand and commonplace. I find weddings to be almost intoxicating. I marvel at human connection and the ways in which love is shared and expressed. I am interested in seeing how your moments unfold in front of me. The intricacies, familiar subtleties, and quirks. It’s this I want to document and return them back to you.

I create images that are untraditional and documentarian in style. They also are equally compelling and artistic, created to cause pause. I come with years of experience and a craft that has been carefully fine-tuned. I provide you with intimate imagery that eases its way into becoming an heirloom as a result of its skillful capture. If the preservation of such moments interests you, I’d love to converse further.

Please read through the various values and forms of artistry that JJP seeks to employ, uphold, and strive toward.

love in all
its forms

JJP is unequivocally LGBTQIA+ affirming. As a vendor in the wedding industry, it is important that this is explicitly communicated. Additionally, I aim not to adhere to particular gender roles and not to elevate certain partnerships. I meet every couple with openness and kindness. No one partnership is better than the other; the beauty of connection is non-hierarchical and is to be celebrated. As a photographer, I delight in the uniqueness that is each partnership and find that to be the most rewarding aspect of this work. This uniqueness extends beyond partnerships to also the wedding celebration itself. I welcome creativity that is thoughtfully curated, from various modes of celebration to personal traditions to the chosen venue. Ultimately, I believe intimacy to be a rare and mysterious gift, and finding it is invaluable. Limiting it leads to a severe lack of imagination and missed opportunity. 

imagery that

JJP strives to create images that are unique to you. I prioritize the organic and what naturally occurs between you and yours while also offering simple direction that prompts comfort in front of the camera. After photographing so many weddings, my direction has become increasingly minimal. I orchestrate less in order to capture a more honest form of how you and yours are together. The playfulness you share, the rhythmic forms of touch, the facial expressions you've memorized - I want to preserve and provide visual memory of those. I fully believe these are the images that will feel like home in the years to come.

attentive &

I approach weddings with little expectation and utmost attention. I offer space for you to be you and thus for imagery that feels like yours. I am spellbound by the human condition and consider it a favorite pastime to people watch. This is one of the more major reasons I was drawn to wedding photography. I pay attention to my surroundings and strive to capture moments that are fleeting, unbeknownst to most, and seemingly simple. I come with little expectation because each wedding is unlike the next. My eyes are wide and I leave all assumptions aiming to see each wedding as its own. 

A celebration
of Joining

Ultimately, a wedding is the rare and sacred gift of two people joining. It extends beyond those two people to also include the communities they bring with them. Such a joining is a choice and that choice exemplifies vulnerability, trust, commitment, and extraordinary bravery. It communicates, I choose you and all that comes with it. It is no small thing to photograph such an occasion. I am honored with the responsibility and do not take it lightly. It is for this reason that I always aim to bring my best self and remain committed to always improving my craft.