rachel + alex | downtown st. paul wedding

I think what stands out to me most about this day was the free-flowing generosity. At every turn, some form of extension was offered. As someone who has now worked at countless weddings, this means everything. From attentive personal attendants and florists, to parents who pause and welcome, and to the dearest friends who anticipate nearly any need. I saw this happening all around me at Rachel + Alex's wedding. Not only that, but this generosity was also extended to me. Being made to feel welcome is no small thing and I felt that so abundantly at this wedding celebration. As for Rachel + Alex, well, these two exude a settledness around one another. A sort of comfort, like coming home. Photographing them has been easy and delightful from the start. I've been eager to share these images and have enjoyed reliving this most lovely day. 

Wedding venue: Church of the Assumption
Reception venue: A'BULAE