courtney + devin | banff national park

This past May, my dear friends, Courtney and Devin, and myself traveled to Banff for a week of camping and exploring. We made the voyage byway of car, oh which I thoroughly enjoyed! We had various folks to visit and places to stop along the way, breaking up the long drive and making it much more exciting.

And though late May was still a little cold for camping, it was an incredible way to stay within the national park and to be in proximity to so many amazing sites. I have fond memories of us playing games in our tent, making meals over the fire, and being bundled in many layers + sleeping bags zipped up tight. I'm not well-versed when it comes to camping, but when the opportunity suites it, it's an extraordinary way to travel.

We completed a variety of hikes, weaved between Banff and Yoho National Park, and saw a number of stunning bodies of water. Before journeying here, I hadn't seen such dramatic mountain views before and I'll never forget it. I enjoyed taking photos here so much. I've also photographed Courtney + Devin numerous times throughout their relationship and it was a dream to do so on this trip. I treasure these photos we made together very much. I hope you enjoy scrolling through them.


Jennifer SimontonComment