Northern Europe Travels

I've been tossing around words and phrases, attempting to describe this holiday of a lifetime. For three weeks in June, I traveled to Iceland, Denmark, and Norway. The planning for this trip began exactly a year ago, when I signed up for a photography workshop (The Camp Series Workshop) with Ben Sasso and Katch Silva in Iceland. I have been drawn to these two artists and their work for a long time and jumped at the chance to learn from them (and to do so in Iceland!). Ben and Katch are not only brilliant, but also kind and community-minded artists. I value their approach, their styles, and the way in which they make themselves accessible in the photography community. Since traveling to Iceland brought me halfway to Europe, I decided it'd be worth the investment to carry on the rest of the way and to travel for as long as my schedule and finances would allow. Hence the addition of Denmark and Norway (where I met up with one of my dearest friends, Nick)! Below is an assortment of images from these three countries. Words fail in trying to describe these places, their landscapes, and natural wonders. I have pages and pages of jotted-down notes, memories I didn't want to forget, humorous happenings, and serendipitous events. Here's a loose conglomeration of just a few:

  • The endless roaming sheep and wild horses that sprinkle the landscape of Iceland.
  • The lush moss -- deep green in color and saturated in life and water -- surrounding the countless waterfalls in Iceland, as well as the many, many birds that soar, sing, and dwell within said waterfalls.
  • The midnight sunsets and everlasting dusk (during June, the sun doesn't set until 11PM/12AM in Northern Europe and rises as early as 3:30AM).
  •  The Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland, in which we camped. Glaciers ebbed and flowed, seals peaked their heads above the water, and I saw quite possibly the most beautiful sunset I have yet to witness.
  • The black beaches of Iceland and the pebbles moving and shifting under my feet.
  • The many cups of coffee (latte, cappuccino, black with cream) and the most memorable London fog in Copenhagen + creamy chai latte in Ålesund.
  • The clouds and fog weaving into the mountain valleys of Norway.
  • Laughing -- the hard, belly kind -- until I nearly cried as we drove up and down the many weaving mountain roads in Norway. 
  • My breath nearly catching around every turn in Norway. The drive in and of itself in western Norway is its own form of exploring.
  • Listening to Lord Huron during said driving routes and actually crying because I couldn't wrap my head around my reality.
  • The most memorable Airbnb stays/hosts (three hours of conversing over homemade pizza and poetry; a homemade farm-to-table breakfast in the most charming 1910 farmhouse; books and conversation on the top-floor patio overlooking the Bergen harbor).  
  • Our mountain hike in Norway leading to a small fire pit, where we then made a fire and rested in the side of the mountain (and I dried my soaked-through boots).
  • Three-plus hours of kayaking within a channel of the Hardangerfjord. The water was so calm, the world was so quiet, my breath was so deep and in sync with the rhythm of my paddles. Unreal, unreal, unreal. 
  • Sleeping in the trunk of our car in attempts to save money (read: not recommended). 
  • Driving through the Nærøyfjord at 5:30AM. A light rain was falling, fog was rolling swiftly atop the water. Laughing brightly/slightly frenzied when a young horse stuck his/her head in our car.
  • Playing and skipping atop the Oslo Opera House at sunset. 
  • MESH, the most astounding creator's space/café/bar/work lounge I've ever been to.
  • The best street tacos + a deep gin and tonic in Copenhagen. 

I could write and write, as there are so many treasured memories from this time. Making photos while traveling has become a favorite of mine. It reminds me to slow down, to be present to a place, and to really observe. That said, I also set my camera aside for a great deal of this trip. This too felt good and needed. These images are a small set of favorites. Please take a look and reach out with any questions/for recommendations!