Arizona travels

This spontaneous trip was one of my most favorite adventures. Three friends and myself booked a trip to Arizona, just six days before our departure. Oddly enough we were all able to make it work in our schedules and managed to put the whole thing together in just two days' time. This collection of photographs showcases our time in Scottsdale, Sedona, Page, and the Grand Canyon. After the fact, we were all very pleased with this selection of cities; we saw a varied and thorough representation of Arizona's unique geography and were able to do so in a manageable amount of driving (of which never felt burdensome due to the impressive scenery). In Sedona, we hiked to Devil's Bridge and spent the afternoon in Tlequepaque, both of which I'd highly recommend. The hike was beautiful the entire way through and a comfortable distance (approximately four miles roundtrip). The final destination, Devil's Bridge, was entirely worth it and breathtaking too. Tlequepaque is an art's district that has a number of lovely shops and just an overall pleasing aesthetic. I had an out-of-this-world homemade rose chai at The Chai Shop outside on their open patio and just enjoyed perusing the district in its entirety. Cotton trees feather the property, along with live musicians and an array of street vendors. In Page, we visited the legendary Horseshoe Bend at sunset and the lower Antelope Canyon the following morning (we also made a quick stop at Lake Powell for the sunrise). These sites were unreal. In some ways, photographs fail to capture the immensity and grandeur of each natural wonder. I was completely awestruck and I really can't recommend either of them enough. After visiting these sites in Page, we made our way south again in order to visit the Grand Canyon. We were only able to see a minuscule portion, but were again overwhelmed by the grandeur and astounding depth. This portion of our drive was more spontaneous in that we made a number of impromptu stops along the road and just really took our time. Following that visit, we made our way back to Scottsdale to rest and finish out the rest of our trip.

I could write indefinitely on this trip, but it'll suffice to say that it was a complete wonder. On a number of occasions, my breath caught and tears brimmed my eyes. This is real, I thought. I'm standing in this place. These sites and memories are now imprinted on my mind. The electric crimson sunset we saw while driving and how the mountains took on a chalky blue hue. The brisk morning air on Lake Powell. The cotton that feathered through the air and tickled your skin. The breeze that licked your face. The way the sun danced through the pine trees as we drove south. The dust that seeped into your shoes and stained your toes. The incomprehensible depth of the Grand Canyon and in turn my utter smallness. The marvel that echoed through the Antelope Canyon and my own wild delight. Making these photographs - capturing these moments - is my way of preserving a form of these memories. Some allow me to share the many wonders I witnessed in a more traditional manner, while others encapsulate how it felt. Moved. That has been a more recent goal of mine - to make photographs that speak to a feeling or catch a movement - and I felt that especially occurring in this adventure. I'm experiencing a freedom of sorts in shifting from 'rules' or conventionality and instead stepping into something that feels like my unique form of expression as an artist. Because of that, these images feel special. Different. Good. 

Thank you kindly for viewing!

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