2016: year in review

Happy 2017, kind friends. This past year was a weaving of immense joy (the kind that makes your heart flutter and your breath catch) and paralyzing grief. I can recall -- still feel it deep within my bones -- kayaking through the fjords of Norway and abruptly crying because the experience was beyond anything I could have conjured up. I can also recall the heavy ache of sitting in places (be it a pew or old friendships) that no longer fit. This year was often a dance between these two extremes. I suppose I'm learning to live fully into each. There were quiet moments of this year, too. Falling asleep at the park under my favorite tree, watching old classic films with my family, sitting by the window at a cafe watching people walk by.

As I've been sifting through my work from the year, I think you can see remnants of my year throughout it. Whether it be how I framed an image or how I edited, my experience softly touches each photo. I love that.

This is a long post, I will say, but it's chock-full of images that showcase my growing talent in the wedding industry, beloved memories, and personal adventures. I hope you enjoy.


Jennifer SimontonComment