Last month I made a trip back to Durham, NC and had the privilege of photographing my dear pals of Hardworker, an up and coming folk-rock band. I got to see this group slowly come together; through backyard jams and countless poetry nights, these folks slowly found each other and started shelling out profound lyrics and arrangements. I met up with the gang during my visit and well, we had a stellar time. We trekked around Durham chasing light and then jammed for a couple hours in Sus's living room, where succulents and charm abound. 

When Sus (creator and singer-songwriter) and I talked about this shoot beforehand, I asked her to tell me what Hardworker's about, what they feel like. She shared words like grit and gravel, color and texture. She said that they're like a family. They love to play together, eat together, drink together. She said there's a lot of intensity, that there isn't really anything about Hardworker that's serene. They're about power and making noise. Taking up space. 

And that's exactly what I saw, felt, and experienced. God, these folks are talented. Like really talented. They've got an intense love for one another and put their whole hearts into this. They produce work that you feel in your bones. 

I hope y'all enjoy the images and feel the vibes they're all putting down. 

Jennifer SimontonComment