it's nice to meet you.

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Jennifer and I am a portrait and wedding photographer based out of New York City. I am 28 and grew up in Minnesota, where I received my BA majoring in Theology and Communications at the College of Saint Benedict|Saint John’s University. Upon graduating, I moved to Durham, NC to pursue graduate studies at Duke University. I graduated from Duke Divinity School with a Master in Theological Studies in the spring of 2015. Both states and schools have provided me with an immense sense of home; I value my educational pursuits greatly and credit much of my identity formation to these places. In late 2015, I moved back to Minnesota and shortly after the new year, moved to Minneapolis. After working within the wedding industry for four years, I decided to move to New York to attend Parsons for my masters in architecture. While I chase after this dream and career, I maintain a love for all things photography (perhaps just on a smaller scale).

I would say I’m easygoing and open-minded. I’m salty and a sucker for witty humor. I think I’m more spontaneous than I actually am. I like to take my mornings slow and I unashamedly love going to bed early. I've become partial to whiskey and love sweet potatoes. Also tacos. Always tacos. I’m an avid reader and audiobook-listener. I love watching films & going on long walks. I’m infinitely curious and awe-filled. I marvel at the magic of the everyday and that golden honey evening light. I’m fascinated by the study of theology and religion. I’m drawn to the eclectic and the different, the folks who are hustling and trying damn hard to live into their questions and what makes them tick.

And I’m an INFP and an enneagram 9, if you’re into that kind of thing.